See “Lazer Team”, in select theaters Jan. 27th.

More than a year after its record-setting Indiegogo campaign, Lazer Team will be released in select theaters in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K. You can check for a screening in your area on the official website.

This marks the first feature film release from popular Austin, TX based production company Rooster Teeth, and features a mix of Rooster Teeth cast and Hollywood actors alike. Lazer Team will tell the story of a powerful suit developed collaboratively by the U.S. government and a race of friendly aliens discovered through the SETI project. Though the suit was made for a “Champion of Earth”, pieces of it get stuck on four small-town misfits, making them the only ones who can save the world.

Alan Ritchson of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Spike TV’s Blue Mountain State will play Adam, the “Champion of Earth”. Three of Rooster Teeth’s staff will play members of the Lazer Team:

Burnie Burns, Rooster Teeth founder and voice of Church from Red vs. Blue, is Hagan.

Michael Jones, voice actor for Rooster Teeth and Funimation, long-time Achievement Hunter, and star of A.H. series Rage Quit, is Zach.

Gavin Free, British Achievement Hunter/ Rooster Teeth creative director known for his popular “Slow Mo Guys” channel, is Woody.

The final team member, Herman, will be portrayed by Colton Dunn from Parks & Recreation, the new R.T. variety show, Rooster Teeth Entertainment Systemand the brand new NBC comedy Superstore, available for streaming with Hulu Plus.

Rounding out the initial cast is 19-year-old Alexandria DeBerry, from the Disney Channel’s A.N.T. Farm, as Hagan’s daughter, Mindy.

What has Rooster Teeth done?

RTX ~ a growing convention hosted by Rooster Teeth. The first RTX Australia will be hosted in January.

The Gauntlet ~ a competitive game-show where a group of challengers competed to prove they were the best at video games, for the sake of winning a prize at the end of the season.

Red vs. Blue Rooster Teeth’s instantly successful flagship series, the longest-running web-series, and second longest-running sci-fi show in the world. Red vs. Blue often blurs the line between story-driven comedy, and comedy-driven story, preferring to reference its past jokes over past plot points. Rather than growing stale and repetitive, this show has evolved with each passing iteration,  allowing it to outlive many web and television series in its now 13-year run. Rvb is segmented into half-hour episodes for cable broadcast on the El Rey Network Saturday mornings. All seasons except the latest are available to stream on Netflix, and are available on DVD and Blu-Ray from Walmart and the Rooster Teeth online store.

RWBY ~ an American-produced, english anime series, created by the late Monty Oum, renowned artist, animator, and director. RWBY is being distributed in Asia by Warner Bros. Japan, and dubbed into Japanese.

Previous volumes are available for streaming on Netflix, while new episodes are released on Crunchyroll and the RT website (one-day early for RT Sponsors) then on Youtube one week later. RWBY is also available on DVD and Blu-Ray from Walmart and the Roosterteeth online store.

The Know” ~ a gaming discussion and news channel featuring former Frag Doll Ashley Jenkins, ex-Sourcefed employee  Meg Turney, and a variety of Rooster Teeth employees.

Achievement Hunter” ~ created by Geoff Ramsey of Red vs. Blue. Achievement Hunter releases let’s plays, achievement guides, and a variety of videos using sandbox games.

Achievement Hunter provided inspiration for 2-D animated series, X-Ray and Vav.

Funhaus” ~ the Los Angeles branch of Rooster Teeth, featuring G4 alumni Adam Kovic and Bruce Greene, and a group of their cast-mates from their time with Machinima’s Inside Gaming . They release podcasts and other personality-driven content that relates to gaming, with their humor and style targeting an older audience than Achievement Hunter. Funhaus produces news videos for the Know while also doing regular crossovers with Achievemment hunter.

Game Kids” ~ a family-friendly channel featuring a rotating cast of kids and adults playing video games.

Also, sister company Screw Attack has been recently been integrated as a subsidiary of Rooster Teeth by their newly shared parent company, Fullscreen.


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