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Star Wars Legends Timeline

On April 25, 2014, Lucasfilm Ltd. announced that in preparation for the upcoming sequel trilogy, the Expanded Universe would be retconned; past tales of the Expanded Universe will be released under the Star Wars Legends banner, and a new continuity has been established that consists only of the original six films, The Clone Wars television series and film, and all future material onward.

poster-3148The Star Wars Holiday Special Cartoon – Directed by Clive Smith, this cartoon segment of the unpopular Special lead to the productions of “Ewoks” and “Droids”.

Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3P0 (1985)  Double Feature on Amazon 〉〉

TV Special: The Great Heap (1986) – This animated feature took place before the episode Tail of the Roon Comets. Runtime is 48 minutes.

Ewoks (1985 – 1986) – This fairy tale style cartoon was inspired by The Lord of the RingsPogo, and Disney’s Uncle Scrooge stories. Double Feature on Amazon 〉〉

The Ewok Adventures – “Caravan of Courage” (1984), and “Battle for Endor” (1985), were live-action children’s telemovies. They were used as groundwork for George Lucas and Ron Howard’s 1988 fantasy film, “Willow”. Double Feature on Amazon 〉〉


Star Wars: Clone Wars (2003 – 2005)tumblr_nsisypvtff1s6w6foo1_1280

This award winning 2-D micro-series is set after Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

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Clone Wars Adventures – This series of digest-sized comic-books uses the animated micro-series as a jumping-off point to tell new stories in the same visual style.

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tumblr_n07ni7v3f81qztcdbo1_1280Spliter of the Mind’s Eye, by Alan Dean Foster (1978) – This was the first Star Wars Expanded Universe story, originally commissioned by director George Lucas as the story for a low budget Star Wars sequel, to be adapted for production if the first film wasn’t financially successful. Because Lucasfilm didn’t know if Harrison Ford would sign on for a sequel, Han Solo is written out of the story, with the book focusing on Luke and Leia. Comic 〉〉

9144cf95dda7a8ff6b6b380972f7a4daShadows of the Empire (1996) – “Shadows of the Empire” was Lucasfilm’s 1996 multi-media campaign, with a novel by Steve Perry, a Dark Horse Comic, video game, soundtrack, and toyline. It was marketed as the Episode between the Episodes, specifically set between Episodes V and VI, delving into cyberpunk technology and the workings of the criminal underworld. Comic 〉〉

6ed1e0607415e497be52359b04f1a6fcThe Thrawn Trilogy, by Timothy Zahn – This was the first published Star Wars story set after Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. It introduced a number of concepts utilized in the Prequel Trilogy, and characters who became important members of the Star Wars mythos, including the fem fatale of the Dark side, Mara Jade, and the eccentric Bond villain of the Empire, Grand Admiral Thrawn. Comic 〉〉

xmpvggc5swn6vixlw0o3The Jedi Academy Trilogy, by Kevin J. Anderson – These books tell the story of Luke Skywalker’s attempt to resurrect the Jedi Order on Yavin 4, and his search for possible Jedi candidates. This story debuts Kyp Durron, a prominent character in the New Jedi Order of Legends.

Tales of Mos Eisley Cantina – Featuring original stories by: Kevin J. Anderson * Doug Beason * M. Shayne Bell * David Bischoff * A.C. Crispin * Kenneth C. Flint * Barbara Hambly * Rebecca Moesta * Daniel Keys Moran * Jerry Oltion * Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens * Jennifer Roberson * Kathy Tyers *  __________________________________Tom Veitch & Martha Veitch * Dave Wolverton * Timothy Zahn

2710269-lukeLuke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor, by Matthew Stover – This stand-alone story gives a commentary about Star Wars Legends, while also providing a fun, campy ride with the brand of gripping prose that author Matthew Stover is known for. This is a must-read for any Star Wars fan, without question.

dawn-of-the-jedi-into-the-void-by-torstein-nordstand-early-coverDawn of the Jedi: Into the Void – On the planet Tython, the ancient Je’daii order was founded. And at the feet of its wise Masters, Lanoree Brock learned the mysteries and methods of the Force—and found her calling as one of its most powerful disciples. But as strongly as the Force flowed within Lanoree and her parents, it remained absent in her brother, who grew to despise and shun the Je’daii, and whose training in its ancient ways ended in tragedy. Comic 〉〉

4875521-darth_bane_canonThe Darth Bane Series, by Drew Karpyshan – Set a thousand years before the events of Star Wars: A New Hope, this series follows the transformation of a lost young man who becomes a legendary Sith Lord, able to wield the awesome power of the Force as never before. Comic 〉〉

c730a308b6b31491a6e928e1f0db80a6-d474im6The Republic Commando Series, by Karen Traviss – This series of novels and short stories inspired by the Republic Commando video game primarily features Omega Squad, with other recurring characters including Etain Tur-Mukan, Kal Skirata, Captain Ordo and Jinart the Gurlanin.

The X-Wing Series – The X-Wing series was envisioned as “Star Wars meets Top Gun”. The first four books by Michael Stackpole are collectively known informally as the Rogue Squadron series, as together they form a self-contained plot involving the members of Rogue Squadron. They relate the events of the New Republic strike to retake the Imperial capital of Coruscant, and the machinations of Ysanne Isard to bring about the New Republic’s defeat.

mara-jade-skywalker-mara-jade-skywalker-25345454-802-602Rogue Planet, by Greg Bear – Released soon after The Phantom Menace, this was the first ever novel about Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice, the young Anakin Skywalker. In the story, Obi-Wan and Anakin are sent on a mission to a strange planet where technology is grown rather than constructed. Rogue Planet is not only a book about Obi-Wan and Anakin learning to work together, but also a prequel to the New Jedi Order series set 20 years after Return of the Jedi.

The New Jedi Order Series – This is the legend of a messy, grinding war told over 19 novels, with a huge cast of characters and new creatures. The series is a treat for people who like aliens and biotechnology, with the masochistic Yuuzhan Vong, mutant voxyn, and living space ships on a mysterious, verdant planet. Comic 〉〉





Epic Collection Series – Series of re-printings of all the Legends comics published by Marvel Comics and Dark Horse Comics. Each collection is curated to contain comics in chronological order, including stories from the Star Wars Tales line, instead of being arranged thematically like the previous Star Wars Omnibuses from Dark Horse Comics.

Epic Collection: Infinities – Play “What if?” with the original trilogy in a series of tales exploring the endless possibilities of Star Wars. And in the ultimate alternate take on the galaxy far, far away, follow Annikin Starkiller into The Star Wars in an epic based on the original draft of George Lucas’ screenplay.

Star Wars Tales – Each issue is an anthology of stories from various eras of the Star Wars timeline. Although the stories themselves are unrelated, many issues were themed around a single character, group or era. Each story varies in length, with six or so stories in each issue, adding up to a total of 64 pages per issue.

Clone Wars Graphic Novels – Anakin Skywalker and his young Padawan Ahsoka Tano go undercover in the cutthroat world of podracing in hopes of crushing a diabolical Separatist spy ring. Elsewhere, a platoon of Clone Troopers find their plans undone by faulty intelligence and bad luck, stranded deep inside hostile territory. Finally, would-be Sith Savage Opress and his long-lost brother cut a deadly swath through the Outer Rim planets. These are only a few of the stories within these graphic novella from the writers and artists of The Clone Wars TV series.

Star Wars Adventures – In the same style as The Clone Wars Graphic Novels, these six tales feature the headliners of the Star Wars galaxy. Han and Chewie are caught between the Empire and the underworld in a quest to pay off a debt. Boba Fett is on a hunt, racing two vengeful brothers to the prize. Princess Leia becomes entangled in the kidnapping of the beautiful Princess Mi – making the Falcon a target! Vader forces a wisecracking smuggler to guide him to a secret Rebel base. Then, during The Empire Strikes Back, Luke uses the Force to face monstrous creatures in training with Yoda. Lastly, a young Chewbacca stumbles upon a group of slavers planning to raid his village.

Star Wars: Visionaries (Graphic Novel) – They’ve been responsible for some of the most dazzling and awe-inspiring visuals ever put to film, and now the concept artists behind the Episode III: Revenge of the Sith bring their considerable talents to comics. The gifted minds of the Lucasfilm art department and the visual effects powerhouse Industrial Light & Magic were brought together to tell their own Star Wars tales in this compilation of short stories. Given free reign to explore any and every aspect of the Star Wars universe, each artist offers a new twist or a deeper view into that galaxy far, far away.

Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison – In this comic set shortly after Episode III (with potential spoilers), Darth Vader defends his master from an attempted cout d’etat. This story shows Vader as he sets on a mission, uncovering secrets of the Jedi Council along the way.

The Force Unleashed – Revealed here are the origins of Darth Vader’s secret apprentice, the deadly missions on which he was sent to track down and destroy Jedi, and the awesome decision he is forced to make that will change the way you look at the Star Wars saga. Based on the hit video game from BioWare.

Tag & Bink Were Here – Officers Tag Greenley and Bink Otauna were minding their own business aboard a familiar, princess-harboring freighter when they suddenly found themselves under siege. Now under attack by the Empire, they will choose life over a noble death and “borrow” the armor off a pair of deceased stormtroopers. Their new disguises might get them off the freighter alive, but they’ll also lead Tag and Bink on an adventure neither could have predicted!

The Old Republic – Thousands of years before Luke Skywalker would destroy the Death Star in that fateful battle above Yavin 4, one lone Padawan would become a fugitive hunted by his own Masters, charged with murdering every one of his fellow Jedi-in-training!