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Episode 1/ Episode 4/ The Clone Wars Season 1

  • Potential beginnings:
  • A ) Episode 1 » Episode 4 » Episode 2 » The Clone Wars Movie » TCW S1 & S2
  • B ) Episode 4 » Ep.5 — Part 1 (1:25:00) » Episode 1 » Episode 2 » TCW S1 & S2
  • C ) TCW S1 » Episode 4 » Ep.5 — Pt 1 » Episode 1 » Episode 2 » TCW Film & S2
  • Starting with Episode 1 is best among family, and open friends.
  • Starting with Episode 4 is best among cynics, film buffs, and purists.
  • Starting with The Clone Wars, Season 1 is best for kids and willing adults.

Episode 5 Part 1

  • If Ep.4 is seen before Ep.1 (Options B and C), then the first 2/3 of Ep.5 should be seen next.
  • The first 1 hr. 25 min can introduce Yoda before Ep.1, but the rest must be saved for later.

Episode 4/ Episode 1

  • Ep.1 after Ep.4 is a flashback, to before the dark times.
  • Ep.4 after Ep.1 depicts familiar characters in interesting new ways.

Star Wars (Marvel 2015) #1-12

  • The Star Wars comic, set after Ep.4, does not spoil the Prequel Trilogy.
  • However, Darth Vader, set during this comic, has major spoilers for Ep.3.
  • These comics crossover with Vader Down, followed by both #13s

Episode 2

  • After Ep.4, this film has more tragic undertones.
  • Episode 2 has parallels with Ep.4 when seen back to back.
  • If the Clone Wars was seen before it, Ep.2 answers questions it raised.
  • If Ep.2 were seen before Ep.4, C-3PO would be distracting in Ep.4, so Ep.2 is later.

The Clone Wars (2008 Film)

  • This theatrical film marks the beginning of the Clone Wars series.
  • It is an extended pilot episode for  the animated television series.

The Clone Wars: Season 2

  • This series builds on the Prequel Trilogy, re-framing those films positively for many who found them disappointing.
  • The Clone Wars film should be seen before Season 4.
  • Season 3 should wait until after Ep.5; Seasons 4-6 should wait until after Ep.6.

Episode 5

  • Ep.5 has surprises in store that are made stronger by Ep.1
  • We have now gotten to know Anakin in Ep.2 and the Clone Wars, adding context to this war.

The Clone Wars: Season 3

  • Spoilers for Episode 5.
  • Anakin explores the prophecy of the Chosen One.
  • Asajj Ventress and Ahsoka Tano undergo character development.

Episode 3

  • Ep.3 is strengthened by seeing Seasons 1-3 of The Clone Wars first.
  • Seeing after Ep.5 leaves hanging tension, while seeing before Ep.6 allows this movie some extra surprises in the third act.

Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith

  • This comic begins at the end of Episode III.

Episode 6

  • Ep.6 is strengthened by its parallels with Ep.1, and Ep.3.

Star Wars Anthologies

  • These anthology films, shows, comics, novels, and legends may contain spoilers for the first six Episodes.

Episodes 7, 8, and 9

  • The Sequel Trilogy is the next chapter of the Star Wars Saga.

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